Rates & Insurance

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Patients are responsible for knowing the pre-certification requirements of their health plan for out-patient behavioral health teletherapy. Sessions are normally one clinical hour in duration and CPT code is 90837-95.

1. Call the number on the back of insurance card
2. Confirm that JoAnn Baird is a preferred provider for their out-patient behavioral health
3. Inquire whether you need prior approval for out-patient behavioral health services. 
4. Inquire whether you have a deductible for out-patient behavioral health, how much it is and how much you have to pay before benefits start.
5. Inquire what the effective date of your insurance is.
6. Inquire whether or not and how much co-pay outpatient behavioral health sessions require.
7. Inquire what percentage co-insurance you may be expected to pay the provider after service is rendered.

As JoAnn does not have a staff to do this, she needs this information from her clients prior to booking their first session. 

Reduced Fee

Reduced, sliding cash fee of $125 is available on an as-needed basis .


Most major credit cards accepted for payment

Cancellation Policy

JoAnn requests a 24-hour notice by text or email.